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The basis of the www.eatdrinkafrica.com service is straight forward, Africa possesses the world’s 2nd largest land mass and the world’s 2nd largest Populous, with over 53 countries and several hundred cultures, religions and sub-sectors the culinary offerings are almost endless. People’s from the many nations of Africa have spread across the globe and intermingled with many other societies/cultures. 
Africa’s raw materials ‘especially edible products’ such as cocoa have infiltrated into almost every area of food production/supply, from chocolate to spices, yet a majority of its cuisines and other food and drink products still remain a rare commodity/delicacy to Western and Eastern palettes. Despite this astounding situation cooking styles and cuisines from Asia and Europe have spread popularly throughout the world (and UK especially). Eat Drink Africa.com will tackle this disappointing trend, by making all of the information, knowledge and actual suppliers available to the masses from all over the globe. As indicated in the earlier mission statement this new facility will create a new positive perception of African food and drink and thus provide new customers (with the inspirational motto being; Information, Interaction and Innovation.
The unique selling point (USP) of the Eat Drink Africa.com facility is that there is only one such facility that highlights the 55 countries in Africa with particular attention to their (culinary offerings and habits) including; the cuisines, ingredients, preparation styles, original source and supply of food and drink. The all inclusive website facility will offer an unprecedented insight into one of the most diverse, rich food and drink cultures on earth. It is important to understand that African cuisine is a generalised term collectively referring to the (food and drink) of all the 55 countries or nations and cultures of Africa (including its islands). 


The EDA facility has divided the food and drink industry into three major areas or sectors titled;

  • a)      Restaurants – generally this section refers to any and all establishments which provide the facility to cook and serve African food
  • b)      Drinks/Suppliers - generally this section refers to any and all suppliers of African drinks/beverages (including those providing establishments where African drinks are supplied).
  • c)      Food Wholesalers – this core area is made up from the key ‘supply chain’ of shops, suppliers, wholesalers and grocers

What makes Eat Drink Africa truly unique is that the service is truly global, visitors to the site will be able to search (for food or drinks products/services from any of the 55 countries that make up Africa) and from any location in the world.


Eat Drink Africa specialises in the marketing of key African food and drink services and products which includes; African Food Suppliers, African Food Shops, African Food exporters, African Restaurants, African Bars, African Drinks, African Restaurants, African caterers






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