North African

Africa SectionedThe sultry but evident Arabian influence is clear in North Africa, its further European influences are because the region lies along the Mediterranean Sea. The North Africa region encompasses within its fold several nations, including Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Egypt. This is a region marked by geographic, political, social, economic, nomadic and cultural diversity, and the cuisine and the culinary style of North Africa are as diverse as the land and its people. It is true but controversial to say that the roots to North African food and drink can be traced back to the ancient empires of the Ottomans and other Arabic influences as well as the Empires of the Pharoes in Egypt where many of the country's dishes and culinary traditions date back to ancient Egypt. Some of the famous food types include fresh couscous with vegetables and chickpeas, but over several centuries; traders, travelers, invaders, migrants and immigrants all have influenced the cuisine of this region.

In regards to beverages there are many sweet beverages that have been blended via recipes passed on from the Egyptian days and from the Arab influence. Many wines emanated from the regions influenced by the Nile.






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