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Eat drink otherwise referred to as (EDA or is all about African food and drink from the continent and beyond. This unique online facility is an interactive, dynamic guide to the services and products that the 55 nations of Africa (and it’s Islands) have to offer. 

Launched in February 2015, Eat Drink proudly unveils the mystery and history surrounding African food, via an innovative and interactive website facility aptly named Eat Drink African cuisine is truly on the rise with many now hailing the varied cooking styles as possessing ‘Innovative and Invigorating Ingredients’. African cuisine is now available in most countries via a network of food shops, restaurants and importers and Eat Drink will highlight the growing market place.

The concept is very simple Eat Drink Africa better known as ( or EDA) is an interactive search and find facility which focuses on;

  • A varied assortment of differing food restaurants and eateries specialising in any number of African orientated national dishes from any of the 55 countries that make up Africa (and its Islands).
  • The service also provides a ‘similar’ search and find facility for;
  • African drink/beverage suppliers 
  • Food wholesalers and suppliers.